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Departments & Curriculum

At Millikan, we don't want to just focus on grades, or how well you perform on a test. Our bigger goal is to help students develop a lifelong passion for learning.

With pathway classes, integrated learning, and real-world lessons with our community and professionals, Millikan's education prepares students for graduation, college, and career.

Our CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION courses provide students the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training for future careers.

In our ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS courses, students become more critical and creative readers, writers, speakers, listeners, and thinkers.

Our MATHEMATICS curriculum emphasizes collaboration and experiential learning, teaching hands-on problem solving skills as a foundation for college work.

Explore our creativity through PERFORMING ARTS coursework in theatre, dance, music, and student performances.

SCIENCE students learn about biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy and physiology. In-class learning is enriched by hands-on learning and labs.

Our PHYSICAL EDUCATION courses helps students increase physical competence, health and fitness knowledge, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity for life.

Students in SOCIAL STUDIES are challenged to think for themselves, engage in their peers' ideas, and analyze interpretations of our past, present, and future.

All SPECIAL EDUCATION students are provided with the support, skills, and services they need to be successful in the future that they choose.

Students take VISUAL ARTS courses in studio arts, 3D design, fashion, and digital image, with regular exhibits of their work across campus.

In WORLD LANGUAGES we offer courses in Spanish, German, and French. We help students cultivate an understanding of language and culture.