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Dual Enrollment

LBUSD offers dual enrollment options at Long Beach City College and California State University, Long Beach.


Benefits of Taking College Classes While in High School:

  • No enrollment costs & FREE textbooks
  • More flexible school day schedule
  • Participation in a college level class
  • Earn high school & college credits
  • GPA boost in college application
  • Career exploration & intellectual growth
  • Complete certificate or major requirements that will count towards a degree


Millikan 2023 Graduation


Steps to apply 

1. Complete a LBCC Application to receive a Viking ID#. For assistance, review the linked Application Assistance Handout

2. Complete + Submit a LBCC Dual Enrollment Form (linked). Dual Enrollment form must be signed by LBUSD HS Principal or Counselor. 

For more information: LBCC DUAL ENROLLMENT


US Diversity & the Ethnic Experience:

This is an introductory course that surveys four major ethnic groups (Native American, African American, Chicano/Latino American and Asian American) from the earliest periods of Native American history, through migrations to the Americas, into the present conditions of U.S. society.  Special attention is given to the formation and transformation of each ethnic group and their individual and collective roles in the development of the United States.

Additional classes may be available for students that complete the primary course and wish to gain deeper knowledge in the specified content areas. 

When:  Fall & Spring Semesters on Saturdays 9:00-12:15

Location:  LBUSD High School campuses

Eligibility:  Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

Space is limited. See your counselor on the 100 building if you are interested in taking a CSULB Ethnic Studies class.