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Graduation Requirements

Millikan Graduation Requirements

Millikan graduation requirements

  • Complete 220 credits
  • Pass Algebra 1
  • Take PE for four Years of PE or Pass the Fitness Test  & Complete 20 Credits of PE
Millikan 2023 Graduation

Must complete all of the following requirements in order to walk at the graduation ceremony: 

Required Subjects: Credits 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
English 40 English 1-2  or ELD English 3-4 or ELD English 5-6 or ELD Senior English or ELD
4 Years Required 
40 Math Math Math   Math  
Science   20 Biology Chemistry Science Strongly Recommended Science  Recommended
Physical Ed.
(Dance, Sports or Marching Band)
20 PE PE Elective PE  Elective PE       
Social Studies 30   Modern World History United States History U.S. Government & Economics
(1 semester each)
Fine Arts  or World Language 10        
Electives 60