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Study and Testing Strategies

Successful Students

  • Candice with Student
    Arrive to class on time
  • Being in uniform
  • Come to class with a positive attitude
  • Come to class prepared every day
  • Bring a notebook, paper, daily planner/calendar
  • Bring a pencil and erasable pen
  • Have a dictionary available
  • Complete homework and all other assignments
  • Make sure all work turned in is neat legible
  • Study every night.  There is no substitute for daily studying
  • Go back to review and highlight what’s most important
  • Aren't afraid to look ahead in the book to see what is  coming up
  • Ask questions when they don't understand
  • Register with School Loop
  • Communication with your teachers and counselor

Test-Taking Strategies

  • Read and pay careful attention to all directions.
  • Read each passage and accompanying questions.
  • Read every possible answer--the best one could be last.
  • Read and respond to items one at a time rather than thinking about the whole test.
  • Reread, when necessary, the parts of a passage needed for selecting the correct answer.
  • Don't expect to find a pattern in the positions of the correct answers.
  • Don't make uneducated guesses. Try to get the correct answer by reasoning and eliminating wrong answers.
  • Decide exactly what the question is asking; one response is clearly best.
  • Don't spend too much time on any one question.
  • Skip difficult questions until all other questions have been answered. On scrap paper, keep a record of the unanswered items to return to, if time permits.
  • Make sure to record the answer in the correct place on the answer sheet.
  • Only change an answer if you are sure the first one you picked was wrong. Be sure to completely erase changed answers.
  • Work as rapidly as possible with accuracy.
  • After completion of the test, use any remaining time to check your answers.
  • Keep a good attitude. Think positively!

From How to Double Your Child's Grades in School by Eugene M. Schwartz