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School Site Council

School Site Council 2023

School Site Council Members

Alejandro Vega

SSC Support
Midori Sanchez

Staff Representative
Alyssa LeCesne

Teacher Representatives
Maricela Baldwin
Andy Lewis
Paul Jenkins
Amy Becker

Parent Representatives
Katy Tinsley
Donna Mansell
Jerlene Tatum

Student Representatives
Steve Ke
Leilah Mcintosh
Samantha Salazar


Meeting dates for the 2023-2024
School Year

All meetings are held on Wednesdays, beginning at 3:45pm - 4:45pm
May 22nd

Meetings will be held in person on campus.

School Site Council is an elected leadership group responsible for reviewing the Single Plan for Student Achievement and School-wide Action Plan, including the content of activities specific to the plan’s goals and the supporting budgets.  The group periodically assesses the effectiveness of programs in meeting the educational needs of all students and approves modifications to the plan and budgets.