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Pathway Description

Millikan Business Academy

MBA students will embody the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit and be empowered on their journey to success! 

MBA aims to provide an equitable, dynamic, and challenging learning environment through hands-on, project-based learning experiences connected to skills needed to be innovators and leaders.

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Sample Schedule

This schedule is a sample of what MBA students will take based on pathway requirements and high school graduation/A-G requirements.

All students at Millikan take A-G courses and have the option to take any AP Classes offered.  We encourage MBA students to take AP Classes in subjects that they enjoy and are strong in, as we know these are probably the areas they will pursue further in college. 

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Sample Schedule

Grade 9

  • Introduction to Business
  • English 1-2 or English 1-2 Accelerated
  • Algebra 1 or Geometry Accelerated
  • Biology: The Living Earth
  • World Language 1-2
  • PE/Marching Band/Sports
  • Academic Elective: Graphic Design 1-2 Recommended

Grade 10

  • English 3-4 or English 3-4 Accelerated
  • Geometry or Algebra 2 Accelerated
  • Chemistry in Earth's Systems
  • Modern World History or AP World History
  • World Language 3-4
  • PE/Marching Band/Sports
  • Academic Elective: Graphic Design 3-4 Recommended


Grade 11

  • Professionalism in Business and Marketing
  • English 5-6 or AP English Language
  • Algebra 2 or Introduction to Data Science or AP Pre-Calculus
  • Biology: The Living Earth
  • United States History or AP US History
  • Academic Elective: Graphic Design 5-6 Recommended

Grade 12

  • Management for Entrepreneurs or Virtual Business Management (Application Required)
  • AP English Literature or Diverse Voices and Media Literacy
  • Finite Math or AP Statistics
  • Government and Economics or AP Government and AP Economics
  • Academic Elective: AP Research or AP Psychology


What I love about MBA are the teachers. MBA teachers from my experience have always made me feel like they cared that I succeeded which has helped me emotionally through high school.  Also, what I love about MBA is what we learn. We learn how to become business owners, marketing directors, and other careers in the business field which really isn't often offered in most high schools. More than just learning out of a book, we do many projects, go on field trips, attend trade shows, and more.

Jessie Showers

Work-Based Learning/
Integrated Project

  • In Introduction to Business/Finance, students will be able to identify:

    -career planning and management

    -industry communication

    -financial responsibility 

    -consumer problem solving and critical thinking


    -ethics and Legal responsibilities

    -problem solving and critical thinking


    -leadership and teamwork


    In English

  • Communication (presentations, public speaking)

  • Critical thinking (evidence, validity of claims)

  • Writing (technical, social media, argumentative)

  • Projects (franchising, philanthropy, branding)

    In Science

  • -Critical thinking (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning)

    -Projects (Research Sustainability - resource use/availability, human impact on environment)


    In Algebra/Geometry:

  • Proofs & Creating arguments: 

    • Making a case for why you are the best candidate for a job

    • Backing up claims with valid reasons 

  • Critical thinking skills 

  • Problem Solving Skills (Budget, Probability, Exponential)

    Culminating Event- Budget Challenge is the most comprehensive and engaging financial capability program available .It goes beyond knowledge, teaching the skills, attitudes, and positive behaviors students need to successfully manage adult finances. The program includes a comprehensive 17-chapter e-textbook and our award-winning, real-world simulation where each student manages all the finances of an independent young adult in real time for ten weeks. Budget Challenge teaches ALL 127 of the new national Jump$tart/CEE standards for financial education

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Industry Partners

We are very interested in creating industry partners that can help the students in our pathway to thrive.  We are developing key partnerships for field trips, internships, job shadows, and guest speakers. If your company would like to contribute to experiences such as these, please please access more information here and contact us! 

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For More Information

Contact Ms. Midori Sanchez, the Millikan Pathway Coordinator, at or (562) 425-7441 x.4106

Ms. Megan Berger, MBA Pathway Lead teacher, at

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