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Pathway Description

Software, Engineering &
Gaming Academy

Design and Develop your future in Computer Science.

 Through principles of design and computer programming, SEGA provides students with a challenging and supportive sequence of traditional academic and game design/development courses, while students develop curiosity, creativity, and empathy, independently and as a team, to influence the broader community.

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Industry Partners

We are very interested in creating industry partners that can help the students in our pathway to thrive.  We have created some key partnerships for field trips, internships, job shadows, and guest speakers. If your company would like to contribute to experiences such as this, please complete this survey.

If you or your Organization is involved with Programming and/or Video Game Design/Development and you are interested in becoming an Advisory Committee Member, please click this link to learn more about our program.  We would love to partner with you and learn from your expertise!

In our first years, we have already partnered with several businesses including:


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Sample Schedule

This schedule is a sample of what SEGA students will take based on pathway requirements and high school graduation/A-G requirements.

All students at Millikan take A-G courses and have the option to take any AP Classes offered.  We encourage SEGA students to take AP Classes in subjects that they enjoy and are strong in, as we know these are probably the areas they will pursue further in college. 

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Sample Schedule

Grade 9

  • Level 1: Game Design
  • English 1-2 or English 1-2 Accelerated
  • Algebra 1 or Geometry Accelerated
  • Biology: The Living Earth
  • World Language 1-2
  • PE/Marching Band/Sports
  • Academic Elective: Graphic Design 1-2 Recommended

Grade 10

  • English 3-4 or English 3-4 Accelerated
  • Geometry or Algebra 2 Accelerated
  • Chemistry in Earth's Systems
  • Modern World History or AP World History
  • World Language 3-4
  • PE/Marching Band/Sports
  • Academic Elective: Graphic Design 3-4 or AP Computer Science Recommended

Grade 11

  • Level 2: Game Development
  • English 5-6 or AP English Language
  • Algebra 2 or Introduction to Data Science or AP Pre-Calculus
  • United States History or AP US History
  • Academic Elective: Graphic Design 5-6 or AP Computer Science or Web Computing (Dual Enrollment LBCC) Recommended

Grade 12

  • Level 3: Game Capstone
  • AP English Literature or English Reading Writing & Composition or Diverse Voices and Media Literacy
  •  Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry or
    AP Calculus AB
  • Government and Economics or AP Government and AP Economics
  • Academic Elective: AP Computer Science or Web Computing (Dual Enrollment LBCC) Recommended


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My favorite part of SEGA is easily the community, I've met so many different personalities in both staff and students who have helped me grow as a person. However, I also love everything I've learned. As someone who's always taken an interest in computers, I've found and learned about different types of computing careers.

Daphne Moya-Ferrufino

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Work-Based Learning

While using Video Games as a way to teach them these principles, we also examine how computer science is used in most other professions. We will assist students in exploring other career options, through college, other training or how to get a job right out of high school.

  • 9th Grade Students will have a complete presentation with their Game Design Document and some will have completed a Prototype of their game using Construct3 (a 2D Game Development Platform). End results will be shared at the Game Showcase.
    -A Career Research Action Plan will be revised each year based on the students’ interests.
  • In 11th Grade, after learning the programming language of C#, students will use their 9th Grade Game Design Document to develop their game in Unity or Construct3.  This prototype will be displayed at the Game Showcase.
  • 12th Grade (Capstone Course)
    SEGA Capstone - Individual Project with a focus on technology and Professional Interaction.

    SEGA Capstone - Group Project - Working with a community partner to create a game or application that benefits their clientele.

    All Students also complete a professional e-Portfolio of their high school work throughout the 4 years.

    In this capstone course, students will work with a team to create a new game as well as an individual project. This game could be created using any gaming platform that works at school.  Students partnered with and got feedback from Long Beach Women Shelter to create a game or application based on their curriculum for their “Building Healthy Relationships” program, which was unveiled at their Children’s Summit. Students will present their work at the Game Showcase. Examples of this project and examples of prior projects can be found on the Millikan SEGA Website.
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For More Information

Contact Ms. Midori Sanchez, the Millikan Pathway Coordinator, at or (562) 425-7441 x.4106

Ms. Amy Becker, SEGA Pathway Lead teacher, at

Nondiscrimination Statement: The Long Beach Unified School District prohibits discrimination, intimidation, harassment (including sexual harassment) or bullying based on a person’s actual or perceived ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, immigration status, national origin, religion, race or ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

For questions or complaints, contact Equity Compliance Officer: Steve Rockenbach, Director of Employee Relations,1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA 90815, 562-997-8220, and Title IX Coordinator: Kimberly Dalton, Director of Human Resource Services, 1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA 90815, 562-997-8108, and 504 Coordinator: Jenny R. Acosta, Program Administrator, 2221 Argonne Ave, LB 90815, 562-986-6870,